Eat. Feed. Gift. Repeat

One ticket, maximum impact!

We would like to thank all who attended our Eat Feed Gift Repeat Event
in Birmingham and all of you who helped to make the event a success!


Enjoy a meal in great company


Feed the needy in the UK


Gift someone in poverty


Repeat your good deeds

Eat.Feed.Gift.Repeat is a new initiative formed of a series of meals and gatherings arranged to combine the joy of eating a meal, with the duty of helping others locally and internationally

Help end hunger and misery, all contributions count.

Homeless People Fed
Raied for Rohingya, myanmar

Come along to our event

By attending the dinner, your ticket will:

  • Buy you dinner 

  • Feed someone in need locally

  • Help put a smile on faces of people struggling in poor areas across the globe

The ticket provides a three-course meal and a drink!!!

Enjoy yourself with a night filled with entertainment, charity and goodness

Your single ticket will help many, so hurry and buy your ticket now!  

How does it work?

With every ticket purchased, a portion is donated to help end hunger locally and another portion is sent to help others struggling in deprived areas internationally.

We ensure your contributions are received on the ground directly to the people in dire need and will update attendees with photos when we receive them.

So come along to an evening to enjoy …remember to bring as many of your friends and family as you can! Lots of fun and surprises to look forward to!!

Why this initiative?

8.4 million people in the UK are struggling to afford to eat (UN, Voices of the Hungry, 2016), but there are so many more homeless people who don’t even fall into these figures so the numbers really are astounding!

We are partnering with local food banks in the UK to help provide food and resources to those who are living on the breadline, homeless people and anyone who is hungry and in need.

The numbers of poor areas internationally who are in dire need can be too overwhelming. We choose our causes carefully, to make the most impact. It’s also essential to ensure that your contributions and donations reach the hands of those who need them. We only partner with organisations and trusted individuals who will deliver on the ground and document or evidence these donations back to the generous givers to be sure these were well received.

Our aim is to host an event every 2-3 months in different cities across the UK to ensure that our reach in far and wide all over. Every event will partner with different organisations in the UK and abroad based on where we feel the need is great and can deliver on our promises.

Eat.Feed.Gift.Repeat aims to help end hunger, cut on waste, help the less fortunate within our own communities, as well as help people suffering in poorer areas abroad … combining responsibility with self-satisfaction. 

What makes this initiative different?

ONE ticket MAX impact.

Come along, to an evening where you enjoy yourself whilst doing so many good deeds!

The more donations, ticket sales and people attending … the more people we feed and help!

Saturday 28th September 2019

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ONE Ticket, MAXIMUM Impact.

If you can’t attend, You can still support us by making a donation here.  Even small contributions can make a big difference!

Contact Us

For more information or if you would like to sponsor us or donate, please use any of the following methods to get in touch.

Eat.Feed.Gift.Repeat is a project run by Right Start Foundation International.

Email & phone +44 (0) 121 4480550

Do something Amazing today!

Eat. Feed. Gift. Repeat.